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Our Services

One of the things which separates us from the big box stores is our attention to our customers.  We’re always looking for ways to help serve their needs, and because of that we provide a variety of services which the larger stores aren’t interested in providing.  Since 1958 we’ve believed that serving our customers should be our top priority and today, even though our name has changed, our principles haven’t.

     Key Duplication and Lock Re-Keying

When you need an extra key made for your home or business, bring it in.  We’ll get you in and out with a working key in no time.  Stop in and we’ll take care of you.  If you need a lock re-keyed as well, we can take care of that for you as well.

    Screen Repair

If you have a dog, a small child, or a clumsy spouse, you know how easily your patio door screen or window screen can get damaged.  Wehrung’s can replace the screen for you, saving you the time and headache of doing it yourself.

    Tool Sharpening

“The only thing a dull knife cuts is the user.”  If you’ve ever tried to sharpen your knives and failed at it, you know the frustration it can bring.  The damage to the knife can be irreversible, and you still don’t have a sharp knife.  Let us help.  Bring your dull knives in and we’ll put an edge back on them for you.  Wehrung’s can sharpen just about any tool which needs an edge.  High quality saw blades, chisels, hatchets, and more – bring them to Wehrung’s Hardware and we’ll put the edge back on them.

    Special Ordering

While we carry a huge stock of inventory, there are times where a customer needs something that’s not on our shelves.  If you’re looking for something you can’t seem to find, give us a call or stop in and Wehrung’s will special-order anything you need and have it here quickly for you.

    Tool Rental

Sometimes it makes sense to rent a tool you may only use on occasion.  Wehrung’s Hardware is the place to rent the things you occasionally need but can’t justify buying.  Check out the rental page here.

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